Product Detail

BMS Battery Management Testing System

Material: Metal+ABS
Color: gray(Can be customized)
Brand: RePower
Application: It is applied to R&D and production of BMS battery management system of  electric vehicles and energy storage stations.It is used for parameters  calibration, verification and testing, and generates a


1、With virtual battery design, not afraid of short circuit with a   safer operation;

2、The virtual battery adopts plug-in design, and can be freely   expanded;

3、Support various test functions, test high accuracy, 1 uA for   self-consumption current accuracy, voltage accuracy is 1mV;

4、The software supports the modular structure tests, and supports   production verification and R&D data testing;

5、With strong compatibility to perfectly support various types of   BMS protection board testing;

6、Support national standard charge signal simulation, CC, CC2, CP

Testing Function

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