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RePower Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in producing high-precision battery-testing equipments, battery learning equipments and some other related facilities. Adhering to the enterprise spirit “Specialty and Devotion”, considering “All for the Clients, All for the Quality, All for the Service” as its managing principle, the company had always been innovating in supplying the battery industry with advanced battery testing& learning equipments and sophisticated technologies.  


T he Company’s main products include: High-power battery testing system, Smart battery testing system, High-power energy-saving battery testing and learning equipments and the related high-voltage strong-current subassembly of integrated power battery involves energy management device of battery pack, safety protection device and related charge device. These products are applied in the following fields: battery pack of electro-bicycle; battery pack of electric tool; battery of portable computer; battery pack of video camera; digital AV products; batteries of communication facilities; batteries of other portable and mobile energy sources.  


A ll the years matured industrialized application with famous firms comes up to the sophisticated experiences and accumulates wealth technical solutions. Its patented new technologies both in the hardware and software contribute to ensuring that the company all along supplies its customers with most advanced battery equipments and also brings the battery industry new competitive advantages.

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