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Repower exhibited professional battery testing equipment at GG-LB exhibition

Lithium battery industry is entering a new era and a new turning point with gradually sales increase of new-energy vehicles. Equipment manufactures in China in lithium battery industry have to face two situations. Firstly, the challenge of Japan and Korean advanced technology; they need to improve the overall performance of products rapidly to seize the market. Secondly, the intense price war in local market, and downstream users have stricter requirement about specialization, differentiation and refinement of equipments.

GG-LB exhibition was held in Canton China Import and Export Trade Pavilions in Canton from Sept. 26th, 2014 to Sept. 28th, 2014. This exhibition attracted many companies in lithium industry, including companies who provide positive and negative materials, electrolyte, septum, equipments and other accessories, cell and pack, BMS, auto enterprises and so on. We Shenzhen Repower Technology CO. LTD exhibited our battery testing equipments of many series in hall 11.2, and attracted many visitors from this industry. 

We have more than 10 years experience in researching, developing and manufacturing battery testing equipments. We have different equipments series including pack and power battery testing equipments, small battery testing equipments, power bank testing system and BMS testing system, etc, which are of many advantages like high stability, high precision, energy-saving, low cost, short service lead time, high degree customization and so on, which are popular and applied in many downstream enterprises.
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