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Parking can charging solar cell to try new application

On long-term commitment to solar battery uses development of Kyocera Corporation, and the concept of environmental protection to germany. In Germany a parking lot, Kyocera solar battery has already begun for electric vehicles and electric bicycles free of charge.

Located in the south of Germany to a small parking lot above, Kyocera company installed by 248 solar components of solar power generation system. After the" long-term continuity test", professional company gives a satisfactory answer. The Kyocera solar German solar power installation company also said:" Kyocera product quality deeply attracted us."

Current, as a convenient and environmentally friendly means of transport, electric cars and electric bicycle is quite popular in the market. With the popularization of various electric vehicle charging, parking demand is also growing. Installation of solar battery charging parking is economy and environmental protection.

Kyocera solar cell use in research and development is spare no effort, such as the United States of America installation in San Diego City parking roof solar power generation, with sunshade function; sales in Japan" solar bicycle parking" plays for electric bicycle charging effect; in addition, with the Japanese seeper resin, joint research and development of multi function" solar canopy " was installed at the bus station and street square, plays the role of shade rain.

This installation in Germany charging parking roof solar power system, it is Beijing porcelain company and a new application

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