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Many standards issue for the EV industry

The latest four national standards of electric car charging interface and communication protocol  respectively are <Electric conductive charging connection part 1: general requirements>,<Electric conductive charging connection part 2: AC charging interface>,<Electric conductive charging connection part 3: DC charging interface>,< Communication protocol between the the automotive transmission type charger for electric cars and battery management system>.These four standard are jointly drafted by the national energy administration, the ministry of industry and information technology organizations, federation of electric power enterprises and EV institutions etc. 

The release of the four national standards will provide important technology and standards support for the EV infrastructure , will be of great importance to improve China's EV standard system, promote EV pilots demonstration, to promote coordinated development of EV in China.

Four new standards promote connection between EV and grid

The latest four national standards are common to point at the connection device between EV and the construction of power grid, aim to establish uniform standards to end the incompatible situation that different EV companies and different fields research and work in their own way in the aspect of new energy vehicles.

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