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Lithium battery: the best choice to realize the new energy vehicles industrialization

The ministry of science and technology clearly put during the next decade will vigorously promote new energy, intelligent power grid, electric vehicles and other industry development. The ministry of industry and information also issued the energy saving and new energy vehicles industry development planning (2011 ~ 2020) , which points out that totally electric drive is  the main strategic orientation transformation for new energy vehicle development and auto industry. New energy vehicles and intelligent power grid provide new opportunities for development of power supply industry. Experts point out that, China's power industry is facing new opportunities for development, but also need new development idears.

Energy saving and new energy vehicles industry have been listed in the national seven major strategic new industry.The 5 million strategic objectives and phase target of pure electric vehicle application during the next 10 years has already issued.

China power supply industry association, the chairman  Guoping Ji said when accepting a reporter to interview, the li-ion battery is an important part of the new energy. li-ion batteries has been playing an important role in the development for electric vehicles , the intelligent power grid and the country's energy security.

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