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The depth of carbonation method of battery grade lithium carbonate test successful

Recently, the domestic lithium industry experts to tackle key problem jointly developed deep carbonization treatment carbonate lithium concentrate production of battery grade lithium carbonate process in Gansu silver Zabuye lithium industry company to complete the test in the test, the production of qualified battery grade lithium carbonate products. With previous causticizing process compared with the depth of carbonation, obvious advantages, its technological process is short, products of good quality, which can directly get battery grade lithium carbonate product, cost about 20% lower than caustification method.

According to the head of R & D project Zabuye lithium industry limited company deputy general manager Peng Qiuhua introduced, in order to future lithium power cell mass into the market advantage, the company ahead of the lithium battery for battery grade lithium carbonate product R & D and production layout, in the original independent intellectual property rights of the lithium salt production technology on the basis, the introduction of the domestic lithium industry experts, starting from July this year to a depth of carbonation process of. Currently the company is to design continuous industrialized device, prepared at the end of this year formally transferred to the industrial production of small batches, investigating process continuous production feasibility. Thereafter, the company plans to use this new technology was implemented in two with an annual output of 10000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate project construction.

It is understood, silver Zabuye lithium industry existing production technology for the company's original caustification method, raw materials for Tibet Shigatse Zabuye Saline Lake brine extracted from carbonate type lithium concentrate. The lithium carbonate lithium concentrate containing about 50% to 75%, also contains a small amount of chloride and sulfate, production of the products are industrial grade lithium carbonate and lithium oxide single Shuiqing industrial grade. New development of the depth of carbonation process main goal is the direct production of battery grade lithium carbonate. The process of lithium metal recovery rate is high, can reach above 94%, 2% higher than the causticizing process, at the same time to reduce the amount of 90% tons of products of slag, coal consumption of less than 2 tons, product unit investment only causticization method 2 / 3.

Peng Qiuhua told the reporters, the depth of carbonation process than the causticizing process reduces the causticizing, level six slag washing, evaporation and concentration of three main steps. The new technology will be the first lithium concentrate wet grinding to a certain fineness, will then go through the heating washing up lithium concentrate adding carbonization tower with carbon dioxide deep carbonization, under certain pressure of carbon dioxide, reaction temperature and the end point of pH, slightly soluble lithium carbonate into water soluble lithium carbonate. Then they use lithium carbonate instability characteristics, by heating the solution to lithium carbonate decomposition into lithium carbonate precipitation, after centrifugal separation, washing and heating and mixing with soluble impurities, get the required purity of battery grade lithium carbonate products.

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