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After e-cigarette battery explodes in his pants pocket

A U.S. Navy veteran who was severely burned after his e-cigarette battery unexpectedly exploded in his pants pocket has filed a lawsuit. He suffered third-degree burns to most of his right leg and a hole in his upper right thigh area, the lawsuit says. "Mr. Bonestele suffered an injury that he could never have imagined in civilian life. The reality is that these batteries are small sticks of dynamite and the e-cigarette industry needs to make wholesale changes to insure the safety of all those who used these batteries," said Houston attorney who represent the veteran in the lawsuit. In spite that the battery was defectively designed and manufactured the suit also alleges that the battery lacked warnings to alert users of potential danger.

Battery accident is common in human life or in news nowadays; anyway it is not inevitable. To avoid accident battery testing is so important during R&D and manufacture process of battery. Sometimes only accidents can give us a lesson before we realize how important it is. As long as we work in this industry the only thing we can do is try our very best to pay attention to safety and not take other’s life or safety for granted. Losing money is not a very big deal, but losing other’s life or health is actually one.

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Original article from Click 2 Houston Navy veteran files lawsuit after e-cigarette battery explodes, severely burning his leg.

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