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High-power battery Test SystemCDS-
Brief functional Introduction
■ Common terminals, positive and negative, both supported
■ The open circuit voltage protection is functioned
■ The pulse charge mode function is available
■ Voltage Precision:0.1%FD+RD
■ Current Precision:0.1%FD+RD
■ The special order with various requirements of diverse functions and technical standards is acceptable, doing for different customers

■ Certificated supplier of machines in productive line with the approve of NB PC manufacturer, such as APPLE, ASUS, DELL, HP, Lenovo

■ Repower serials are broadly applied in many top battery and energy factories
■ Repower products are running trustable in lots productive lines which had took the crucial responsibility of manufacturing and testing. The devices had been constantly working for more than 7 years for longest.

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